Based in La Rochelle, we are specialists in relocation services, offering invaluable advice and assistance.


Whether you are being transferred or taking up a new job, we can help you with the essential formalities and procedures involved in your move… be it returning after expatriation, coming from abroad, or moving within France itself.


Whether you are starting a WORK-STUDY CONTRACT or are coming to La Rochelle to study, we offer a range of services for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS to help you settle in to your new life.

Our range of services include…

  • Finding accommodation
  • Assistance with moving in
  • Administrative procedures
  • Schools
  • Immigration
  • Support for spouse/partner

…and all other matters of everyday life!

AC Smart Relocation can provide advice and assistance to Human Resources Departments in all aspects of their corporate mobility policy as well as in the development of their ‘quality of life at work’ policy.

About us



Founder & Partner

For 6 years, my role was to welcome employees who were moving for their job. I quickly understood just how difficult it really is to settle in to a new city, let alone a new country.

This realisation, together with a personal ambition to run my own business, led me to create AC SMART RELOCATION.
It was whilst working for Excelia Group, my last employer for more than twelve years, that I met Chong, a colleague who became a close friend and then my business partner at AC SMART RELOCATION.

Chong WANG

Co-founder & Partner

I am Chinese and I will never forget arriving in France for the first time… I was completely lost!
Finding accommodation, getting insurance, opening a bank account and coping with all the administrative procedures can be a real obstacle course for a foreigner… especially when you don’t speak the language and there is no one to help you!

When I met Alexandra at Excelia Group, we discovered a common desire to help people from all over the world with their move to La Rochelle.
So, with our respective backgrounds and expertise, we decided to join forces and set up a relocation service.  We are here to help and support you every step of the way, making your move as stress-free as possible!



  • Benefit from our respective expertise and our IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE of the local region
  • Trust in our strong communication skills, REACTIVITY, availability, involvement, respect for deadlines and enthusiasm


  • Enjoy a WARM WELCOME, our people-oriented approach, our excellent listening skills, our total respect for others and their culture
  • Have confidence in a RELATIONSHIP built on TRUST


  • Rely on our MULTILINGUAL skills (English, Italian and Chinese)
  • Benefit from our NETWORK OF PROFESSIONALS, in a range of different fields

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